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Muscle pain? I can help!

If you are here, you may be suffering from a recent injury or one that will not get better. Maybe your doctor recommended that you get a massage to help you with those “very tight muscles”. Or perhaps you have lived with pain for so long and no one can find what is wrong. Perhaps you have run the gamut of x-rays, MRI’s, MD and DO appointments, Physical Therapy and nothing is really helping.

My work is a little different from most. It is work that focuses on relieving pain and discomfort. If you have headaches, we work to eliminate them. If you have whiplash, we work to restore balance to the muscles involved in your injury. If you hurt yourself at work, I address the muscles involved in that injury. If you type for a living and find that you can barely hold your coffee cup anymore, we work to restore your strength.

I know muscles. And I can help.

After one session you will feel a change. And a day or two later you may see a difference. If it involves muscles, you will be relieved. I am not saying I can fix you in an hour, but I can say I may be able to get you headed in the right direction, toward healing, and together we can get you out of pain using neuromuscular massage where you have not used this technique before. This work brings hope.

If you wish to speak with me about receiving a massage, or if you have a question about neuromuscular massage and your specific needs, please feel free to email or call me.

I understand how muscles work. And if you have lived with chronic pain I may be able to bring you some hope.

If it involves muscles, I can help.

Anita Smith – LMT

Anita Smith

My Background

Licensed Massage Therapist

I am from the West and my husband and I live in Searsport, Maine. We love to create gardens and beautiful spaces.

I am a Graduate of the awesome school Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado hai-colo.com.

I practice Massage Therapy in the greater Belfast, Maine Area. (Belfast, Camden, Rockport, Rockland, Bucksport, Searsport.)

This unique school focused on Neuromuscular Massage, rehabilitation and therapy of soft tissues and intense knowledge of human anatomy rather than relaxation or “spa” massage (which has it’s benefits as well). I am constantly engaged in continuing education in my field.
I accept Workers Comp injuries and self pay.

Now is a good time to get that massage you have been aching for. Give me a call and let’s make it happen!

Customer reviews

Emily McGuire
Emily McGuire
As a fellow LMT, I have complete trust in Anita's knowledge of the human body and massage abilities. She has helped me manage my aching body for a couple of years now. She seriously knows her stuff! Not to mention she is also an incredible human with great wisdom and a great sense of humor. Basically I would drive 3 hours one way to get a massage by Anita. She’s the best!
Brenda Ryder
Brenda Ryder
I highly recommend Anita Smith. Anita is very knowledgeable and professional. Her neuromuscular approach to massage therapy is very effective and individualized.
Martha Webster
Martha Webster
Anita really listens to what you say but also what your body is telling her and tailors the massage to what you need.
Karen Groder
Karen Groder
Anita has a way of finding and "talking to" the "loudest barking dog." Awesome!!
Tracy B
Tracy B
I have RA and other various type of arthritis and autoimmune issues. Anita has always been good about checking in before, during, and after the massage to ensure that it matches where my body is at that day. She was also amazing at squeezing me in once for an emergency event involving my picking up a heavier than expected grandchild. She took great care of me and I felt so much better after. I highly recommend Ms. Anita. Her skills and knowledge of the human body have been a great benefit.
Benjamin Harrison
Benjamin Harrison
I contacted Anita for severe headaches two weeks solid. She got me in and after checking me out she went into my jaw, which I couldn't hardly believe! And the back of my jaw on both sides was super tender. How could my jaw cause a headache? How did she know that? She worked those two areas and most of my headache went away. She also worked in my neck and shoulders which took care of the rest of my headache. Anita is extremely knowledgeable about muscles. I will definitely be back and I recommend her for sure!
Linda Gardner
Linda Gardner
Anita Smith exceeds a 5-star rating. Not only does she create a relaxing atmosphere, she is dependable and accommodating. It is evident that she cares about my health and well-being. Her skills as a message therapist are extraordinary, which I am convinced have resulted in not having to rely on pain medication. I highly recommend Anita.
Lisa Katchur
Lisa Katchur
I’ve never met a more educated therapist! She knows every fiber in the human body!! Her theory is solid!! And she gets results!

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